I believe your photos belong in print. Growing up, my older sister and I would visit our grandparents who lived a couple hours away. Without fail, every time we got to their house we would find the photo albums and start making our way through them. Getting to see their love, their styles, and their laughter will forever stay with me.

That's exactly what I want for you. This is the reason I trust RedTree Albums. Their focus is on detail and materials that last.


High Quality leather

Every album is designed and printed between high quality leather covers that are built to last. This album should be the one your kids and grandkids are sifting through in 80+ years.


LayFlat albums

RedTree specializes in albums that lay flat—the way an image is supposed to be. Your images won't get lost in the crease and even printing directly on the crease isn't an issue. You can receive each album feeling confident of it's build quality.


Paper Quality

Each flushmount album is printed on true photographic archival paper. Colors are true to the original photo taken.


lifetime guarantee

RedTree Albums are guaranteed for life. Everything is made by hand and they stand behind their products. If there is ever an issue with workmanship, you can reach out to me and I will get it resolved with RedTree directly.



The album will be originally designed by Jason Lucas Photography and then sent to you for final approval and edits.


Please feel free to reach out to me for any further questions you may have about your album! I'm happy to jump on the phone, Skype, or meet up for coffee and show you an album in person!