Bellevue Club Wedding // Thomas + Yoona

I've never seen so many hugs, happy tears, and hilarious moments at a wedding before. Thomas and Yoona's wedding day started off with lots of rain and lasted throughout most of the day. For most couples, this would be a nightmare. Yoona looked at me multiple times throughout the day with a huge smile and said, "We're not going to sweat the small stuff today." They focused on what was most important to them—their friends and family. Thomas and Yoona incorporated their faith and heritage flawlessly into their wedding day. To top it all off, they gathered their friends at the Bellevue Club for their wedding reception and ended the night partying hard with their best friends.

Thomas and Yoona, thank you so incredibly much for trusting me as your photographer and letting me be a part of your day. I couldn't be more happy to have befriended you both.